Damascus - Fall 2019

Sitting in the office, willing to write a story about something I no longer imagine my life without!

At the end of 2015, I had a short-lived memory, it might not be a disease, but I really can not remember, I'm just afraid they call me Cinephile, director or producer!

I filmed the tunnel and went to Ibrahem to edit it.

I asked Ibrahem who volunteered for editing: "What about making POOR FILM and giving the production credit for it" !?

We were too poor to think and even come with an idea! We, poor people make films.

The Tunnel was a door to another world, a dream that took us through the screens around the world.

We were very happy, we were an idea, an idea revolves within time and makes its own time.


Write another story!

We love cinema!

We have a different relationship with time!

Simon S. Safieh